A solar swimming pool heater uses your existing pump to circulate the water in your pool through the system. The process begins with an automatic control that senses any change in sunlight or water temperature and relays this information to a control valve. The control valve then diverts or channels the pool water to the collectors, when sufficient energy is available, or bypasses them when heat is not needed.The water is efficiently heated by the collectors, which can be mounted either on a roof or a ground rack, as it flows through the passageways within the collectors. The water then flows back into your pool through the return lines at your desired temperature.

The experts at Catersolar are excited to help you utilize the free and unlimited power of the sun to heat your backyard oasis!

Why solar?
While gas and electric heating can be effective, they are costly and environmentally detrimental. Solar heating offers an eco-friendly alternative, with virtually no operational costs.

Sounds great… but how does it work?!
It’s very simple! An automatic control senses changes in sunlight or water temperature. Your existing pump circulates pool water through the filter and then through solar collectors, which heat the water.

We come measure your pool. Depending on your location, we’ll create a solar panel system sized 70-90% of the pool surface area. We’ll then determine how to best place the panels on your roof to maximally absorb sunrays. We have three panel sizes to accurately fit your roof.


Come to the sunny side!

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